We meet you at your tropical destination of choice and lead you on a journey of exploration and relaxation.  All destinations are accessed through international airports and, where necessary, we will arrange charter flights or boat transfers to escort you to your specific island location. Your options are endless…

All the islands have incredible beaches, coral reefs, and fascinating marine life for you to discover as you swim, snorkel or kayak in the turquoise waters around you. Take our small boat out to local dive or fishing spots, enjoy a picnic on a secluded beach with your family or spend hours windsurfing and waterskiing until sunset... Your every desire is looked after on a Thanda Classic Cruise.


The Thanda Island Experience

Multi-generational travel at its best

The uniqueness of the Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve is written in the sea and sands. Explore this remarkably uncommon retreat in any way you desire. Enjoy a seven-night stay at Thanda Island, one of the world’s most exclusive island getaways, and spend one of those nights indulging in the ultimate relaxation of a cruise-to-nowhere aboard Over The Rainbow of London. Get lost in the magic of the Indian Ocean. 

Culture enthusiasts can explore ancient Arabic history and enticing spice plantations, with an overnight cruise to Zanzibar. Or dive the pristine 1,500km² Marine Park of Tanzania’s secret paradise, with a private charter to Mafia Island.


Zanzibar and Pemba Island

choices for dive lovers 

For breathtaking diving, the shores of East Africa contain mysteries to be explored, and colours to submerse yourself in. The underwater havens of Pemba Island and Zanzibar, will enchant all of your senses, with an average water temperature of 26°C some of the clearest water visibility in East Africa.

Lying 50km to the north of Zanzibar, Pemba, is a true island. It rises from the great depths of the Indian Ocean, and is topped with green undulating hills and coconut and mango plantations. The sweet smell of the air, snow white delicate sand beaches, and the untouched coral reefs – make Pemba Island an exclusive delight. 

The island’s main attraction is marine life, which makes it an oasis far from the maddening crowds. The beaches are untrodden, and the dramatic and exciting coral reefs and cliffs plummet to depths of more than 800m. At the north of the island is Nungwe, with some of the best swimming beaches in Zanzibar, and outstanding natural beauty awaits on the very south, Menai Bay – Zanzibar’s largest marine protected area.

A dive cruise to Zanzibar is a stop as rich in culture as it is in underwater life. After a long day on the ocean, visit the island’s most prominent and historical Stone Town, in the “old part” of Zanzibar City, dating back to the 19th century. Back aboard your journey on Over The Rainbow of London, romantic sunset cruises, night dives and wreck dives, await you on this remarkable island destination.


Mafia Island and the Songo Songo Archipelago

Tanzania’s relaxation destinations

Slightly further south, past Dar es Salaam, Mafia Island derives from Swahili, meaning “healthy dwelling place” – describing this Tanzanian island perfectly. In a protected marine reserve, bathe in the bluest of heavens, while surrounded by the most exciting of sea creatures.

On the south of the island, rainbow-coloured clownfish to octopus, rays and large potato cods, all call Chole Bay and Tutia Reef home. Explore the deeper waters for sharks and dolphins, and at night turtles graciously migrate onto the remote beaches to nest.

Songo Songo conjures images of glistening waters and sleepy beaches, and is that Robinson Crusoe feeling brought to life. This collection of five remote islands surrounded by fringe reefs, are a haven for marine birds and coconut crabs. Take a step back in time, and explore these wonderfully refreshing undeveloped islands. In the 21st century, offline is the new luxury; appreciate spending time with your friends, family, and loved ones.


Quirimbas Archipelago,

Northern Mozambique

Best for island hopping

This beautiful string of 32 islands stretches more than 200 km along the coastline. Colonial-era ruins and knots of land thick with mangroves define this rustic and secluded getaway experience. 

The tropical knolls, outlined by white sand, are engulfed by water so clear that you can nearly see the turtles, dolphins, dugongs and whale sharks. Needless to say, the Quirimbas are one of the world's best and most unexplored diving destinations.

Over-night stops on the islands provide an immersion into the beauty and the charm of modern day escapism.   



For the culture enthusiast

Madagascar has a history that dates back to 2,000BC. With centuries of Malay, Bantu and French influences, this destination’s options are as varied as its history and culture. In a get-on-get-off style cruise off the north of the island, venture into this unique and rewarding country, on the itinerary of your choice.  

With over 90% of its wildlife not found anywhere else on Earth, Madagascar holds endless wonders waiting to be discovered. Sacred burial sites, a palm strewn pirate cemetery, submerged cathedrals and rusted shipwrecks - make it a cultural melting pot of elaborate beliefs and ceremonies.

The cruise between stops gives you plenty of time to unwind. Enjoy the diversity of local spices and exotic cuisines from each stop, and unadulterated views of humpback whales breaching the ocean. 


ADD Thanda Safari to any destination…

It’s more than a luxury lodge, more than a dream safari destination, more than an African escape. Thanda Safari offers an authentically South African wildlife experience, matched with sincere commitment to the Zulu culture and passionate conservation of the environment.

Fall in love with the Big Five, expertly lead by Thanda’s guides in both game drives and on-foot tracking excursions. Absorb the sights, smells and sounds of Africa. Thanda Safari encompasses luxurious exclusivity and African abundance.

Fly from any destination to your private game reserve, nestled in the foothills of Zululand. South Africa boasts world-class wines, cuisine as diverse as its population, and is the perfect destination to celebrate time alone, with your friends or loved ones. Exclusivity is all yours at Thanda.